So what is meant by sustainable gardens....

Well for me it is about trying to do the right thing by our planet while creating an environment that soothes the soul and nurtures life.

    1. We are in a dry landscape in a drought - our landscapes should be careful about the water they use

    2. We need to keep our oceans and waterways clean - preventing polluted water reaching the ocean

    3. We do have rain - can we keep it and use it, and not just let it run to the seaBignonia_Tecoma_stans

    4. Nature takes care of itself if we do not get in the way, but most of our urban environment has been profoundly damaged by past actions

    5. Native ecosystems need to be encouraged - native plants AND animals cannot survive without the right environment

    6. Remember that plant life is the basis of life on this planet - respect the complexity and simplicity of nature.

California inspires me with its endless array of beautiful flora, its amazing climate and the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. Coming from Europe I treasure the fact that there are still enormous tracts of unspoiled land that have escaped human interference to a large extent.