Low Water Border

This front garden on a corner was a very traditional - foundation planting round the house with a tiny flowering edge to the path with a huge area of lawn running down to the sidewalk. The owner was concerned to reduce run-off and overall water use. However it was a large space and the budget was not limitless. Also the owner was very fond of the foundation plants that included some very high water use plants, including hydrangeas.

In order to reduce the lawn area and slow down the run off we installed a large bed right round the perimeter of the yard planted with low water use plants. The parkway was given the same treatment. The remaining lawn was removed and replaced with a lawn seeded with RTF, which although not low water use does a lot better than standard sod. Roses planted along the front path were relocated into a single area to allow for their specific (high) water use.

The irrigation was adjusted to reflect the new hydrozones - high water at the foundation, medium for the lawn and low for the border and parkway. 

Border Before