Landscape design is about creating something that

  • Works for you and the way you live
  • Reflects your taste, likes and dislikes
  • Continues to give you pleasure for years

However I will always point out areas where we can include sustainability  - use of low water use plants, water capture and run-off control  

I will spend time talking to you, but to be sure I have it right I use a variety of computer based tools to make sure that you like what is going on throughout the process.

Normally, I will photograph the site and then mock up some ideas to see if we are going in the right direction. If the site is too constrained or the change is extreme, an image of an initial design may be a better way to go 


3D rendering - A California native garden - a small site on a hill

The final result is a detailed concept design that a contractor can work from

Norasgarden 010

Photo imaging - Before


Photo imaging - After